Eva Møller Lauridsen
Purchasing Director/Partner

Eva has worked with purchasing and developing hosiery, underwear and accessories for the textile industry for around 20 years. She has created new product lines for a number of clothing labels, and has developed a good eye as an analytical trend spotter for what is selling.

Henrik Fugl
Sales Director/Partner

Henrik has specialised in hosiery, underwear and accessories for the retail industry and specialty stores for over 20 years. In his work as a sales person, sales manager and brand manager, he has been responsible for relaunching brands and developing new product lines. Like Eva, he knows how to create the ultimate turnkey solution – from idea, to product placement in the store.


Product line development and specific quality collections. We have extensive experience in managing the entire process from idea and product line development to on-the-shelf product, but are also happy to perform specific tasks in the process along the way. Contact us to find out more about how you can develop, compose and produce a unique high-quality collection – with a competitive design.


Justice / Trust / Loyalty / Long-term partnerships / Care for employees / Encouragement to innovate / Strong social responsibility

Innflow’s goal from the outset has been to translate our values into more than simply words. As a small organisation within an international group, we have the flexibility, agility and muscle power to give customers and employees a little extra.

We love a challenge, but we never compromise on quality and values. We are therefore audited and CSR approved – and are guided in our decisions by both rationality and compassion.